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Every-year individuals who have had their university fundraising program virtually and I talk fallen inside their lap. Update November 6, 2016: I simply received word of another organization promoting liquid detergent for fundraising Joe's Fundraising/GMACK Fundraising they can be reached by You by mail -us kind or by contacting their workplace. Again, added Tide is sold by the firm privately laundry detergent fundraiser and if creation of Hold is outsourced, they're endangering their full partnership with G&H around, maybe, a 10% escalation in revenue.

Ofcourse R&H won't let you know that their solution is being marketed in this manner and most certainly anyone selling it whilst the name-brand ought to be shut-down because that's a no no (and waste shame for your types who're marketing natural fakes) but there are certainly 5 gallon buckets of hold and gain going swimming for cents around the buck of everything you are paying in the stores.

One of the corporations selling soap for fundraising is Superior Clear Fundraising (or 800-680-3775). I will check for different companies doing this (if there are some other companies) and post an update for people who desire to follow this as a fundraiser opportunity. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has observed Tide (powdered, not fluid) in five-quart buckets imported from Vietnam being offered in Houston.