What Is Storytelling?

When the placement of the 2010 G8summit was announced, many grassroots organizers in Toronto had been cautious. The Story Store works two fold, it educates and reduces stigma for these listening to the ‘Stories' but in addition for those Storytellers participating it helps their own personal Recovery. To measure influence on the scholars The Story Shop Steering Group developed a questionnaire for every pupil to fill in on completion of every session. A set of questions with solutions 1 to five are asked - college students circling their answer, we then put this information on to a spreadsheet which leads to simple pie charts exhibiting by proportion how the Story Store has impacted on them.

Time will be spent with this individual ensuring that they are pleased to go forward with their story, we undergo the indicators we use when in a session so that bring people together the story is relaxed and emotionally ready. A choice is then made if the Story needs to hold on or take time out in another room the place they will discuss by means of how they're feeling.

The employees member will contact the Story over the following few days ensuring that they're emotionally feeling ok and can proceed till they're comfortable that our Story is back on kind. We measure the impression of Story Store on our Tales by talking with them throughout an occasion and once we get along with new volunteers to inspire them to develop into Stories.